Hey Brad, I've already looked at it briefly and will definately look into it a little further, pretty cool. However, based on deploying many different systems from wifi to CDMA, I've come to one conclusion. If it doesn't have GPS sync, I don't even want to touch it! :-) Tell me this, will the VL product be uprgadeable to co-exist with any future 802.16d/e product releases? I wouldn't be suprised if Moto's canopy will if they didn't already declare it...

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Brad Larson wrote:

Gino and Jon, Your loyalties to Canopy are well regarded. I have seen
the technical numbers from some of your peers doing direct head to head
comparisons. With this new program we've now taken the extra step and we
invite you to seriously take a look at our offerings! Brad
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