Never heard of them before until now...just talked to a sales rep and got unnoficially ~$12k. It looks like software defined radio so they probably have the capability to develop firmware to do a lot of the things that Orthogon did. He said they don't currently have a spectrum management feature or a 'lite' product like orthogon but likely will be incorporating something into upcoming software releases. For error correction they use variable mod. and FEC, software polarization selection, a few other things. Either way a product to keep an eye on...

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Gino A. Villarini wrote:

Err.. 5.4 experimental licensing ..., I would love to try some exalt radios,
Im only concern is on the channel size for big bandwidth.. 64 mhz is way too
much, on the side note the spectras 30 mhz dual polarity channel is very
flexible cause you can set one end to tx on one slice of spectrum, wheres
the other end can tx on other slice ... really handy in noisy areas ..

How much is the price below mrsp ? 20% ?
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