I have some - the typical shopping list is like this:

Kyocera solar panels - 4 kc130-k, at approx. 680.00 each - gives me 14 volts at 14 amps on a good day (to charge batteries)
Mounting hardware - varies 100-200
wiring harnesses between panels - 50.00
wiring harness to charge controller (below) 20
Trojan l16H batteries - 2 to 4, at 270 each (+/-)
wiring interconnects -  Series to 12 volts, parallel from there 30.00
fuses and cutoff switch between batteries and everything else 40.00
fuses and cutoff switch between panels and everything else 40.00
charge controller - I have used shell 20's (120.00 with enclosure) successfully, though they are a bit low rated for the solar load - I have gone to Xantrex charge controllers with cute lights and battery temperature sensors (twice as much - 245 plus 29)
voltage regulator (90.00) for 12 v to 18 v boost (range 6 v to 24 v)
timer 50.00 (sometimes I set them up to be off from 1 am to 5 am, to save power during the gray, foggy period coming up)(December 1 to February 1) - that's why 4 batteries, too. It is better to add batteries than panels for the most part (see Kyocera panels above) and auto tilting mounts don't give us that much advantage up here above 45degrees north - just a few percent. In the southern lands, I'd give them a try. Enclosure for the stuff - varies, depending on whether I find a sweet box or build a little hut. ($ whatever)
Grounding stuff. - rods, #2 copper wire, wire lugs, clamps. 100.00

About 5000.00 for a decent power setup for me. I am using Tranzeo radios, at 18 volts. Very Christmas-like, with the flickering lights on top of the tower...

I have a generator handy for charging on really bad stretches - a Honda 2000i, for about 900.00, with a SERIOUS cable lock.

And if the lousy communists/free spending democrats/stinking republican fascists/religious true believing kooks/screwed up militarists/nasty bird flu ridden ducks/global frying eco-terrorists/flaming radical libertarians make everything bad, I can harvest my stuff to power my house (WOO HOO!!) Hmmmm.... maybe I should go take a look..... I Am Armed. And carry sharp Multimeter probes.

And, it's fun - bragging rights, ya know.

I'll send you drawings if you want (on my time schedule - I am in the middle of an assembly right now :} ) There are several good supply houses for the parts, and most of them are Very Helpful. I'd tell you who I use, but that would be Bad Form.


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