I have a few hospital employees working at home across my wireless system.
They vpn into the hospital and we don't do anything special for them.

One reason that they tell the employees to use us is because we service them quickly when they have an issue.

I will agree that we've lost work becaue the competition and others tell the tale that wireless is not secure and it's hard to defend against that when the other guy has already won their trust by trashing us.

Only thing I can counter that with is to tell them that the hospita and a few other serious high profile customers use us and the security issue is a hype.

One of my subs a few years ago was being told by the network company that serviced his network to switch away from us and install a pix router because of the lack of security.

So when the sub called, and I tried my best to explain to him it was not insecure, I got to the point that I realized I was not getting anywhere a thought popped in my mind and I said: "If your professional security network people say it's so insecure, have them break into your network and prove to you that what they are saying is true otherwise they are hyping you into a sale at my expense. They are after all network security experts and they ought to know how to break in"

I still have the sub, but those "network security experts" don't.


John Scrivner wrote:
Wireless broadband security issues have now officially led to my business being put into a bad light due to perceived lack of security. I am a member of a regional broadband planning group that is working with health care and other industry sectors to help deliver broadband options to all areas that need it. Rural Health centers and hospitals are all over the region and most need access to broadband which is highly secure. I need to know what others have done to bring HIPAA compliance assurance to network administrators and hospital personnel so that your solutions are chosen and used for health care connectivity. Currently my services are not being considered do to the perception of a lack of HIPAA security compliance. I need to get on top of this right now and welcome your thoughts and ideas. I would prefer to hear from those of you who have some actual knowledge of delivering HIPAA compliant connections or those who provide equipment which has been documented to meet HIPAA compliance.
Thank you,
John Scrivner

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