IMO it comes down to if/how they are affecting you and what you want them to do about it? You could persuade or force them to move everything to another freq. which may/may not end up being in your favor. If your trying to get them to give-up and shut the doors...I can't forsee that pursuit being successfull or leading to anything 'good'.

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Travis Johnson wrote:


Curious to everyone's thoughts about a regional WISP installing illegal CPE units? They are using Last Mile Gear 120degree Canopy 120 degree sectors (5.2GHz) and then putting the Canopy 5.2GHz SM in dishes at customer locations. I am talking about thousands of CPE installed this way and doing more every day. This company covers several western states (Idaho, Utah, Nevada, etc.) and also does Dish Network satellite TV installs.

Is this OK? What are everyone's thoughts?


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