Me?  I'd make a few calls about it.

First to them.  It's amazing how often management doesn't know the rules.

If that won't fix it, I'd call Motorola.

If that doesn't work, I'd call the FCC.

The last thing this industry needs is people screwing with the one thing that the FCC has been a stickler on. EIRP is a sacred stone. Mess with it and someone at the commission will be getting pissed.

Make DAMN sure you know what they are doing and with what frequencies first though. Nothing worse than making that kind of false accusation.

And sometimes having someone else call the company and ask around is a good idea. If you can get me a name and number I'd be happy to make a call for you. As would, I'm sure, anyone on the wispa board.

Good luck.

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What's the illegality?

Are they using 5150 - 5250 (indoor use only)?

Are they exceeding + 30 dBm EIRP on either the AP or the SM?


Travis Johnson wrote:


Curious to everyone's thoughts about a regional WISP installing illegal CPE units? They are using Last Mile Gear 120degree Canopy 120 degree sectors (5.2GHz) and then putting the Canopy 5.2GHz SM in dishes at customer locations. I am talking about thousands of CPE installed this way and doing more every day. This company covers several western states (Idaho, Utah, Nevada, etc.) and also does Dish Network satellite TV installs.

Is this OK? What are everyone's thoughts?


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