I would try and look up something from the ham radio realm. They have
remote control systems for remote mounted radios. My idea would be is you
can find something with a software package that can remotely control a
rotor. This rotor would have your AP and camera mounted to the short section
of mast on top of the rotor. This could be an inexpensive TV antenna rotor.
Off the top of my head I can't think of anything that I know does this but
that's because I don't play with remote controlled radios much.

Thank You,
Brian Webster <>

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For the longest time, I wanted to build a solution to do the following, from
each of our Master Cell Sites....

1) Rotate a IP Camera 360 deg (remotely over an IP connection)
2) Rotate a Pole with a Trango Fox 5800SU on it 360 deg (remotely over IP

The purpose is two fold....

When Link quality severally degrades for a short period, either packet loss
or rssi,

1) To discover/view when there is a third party worker working on the roof
of our cell site.
      (Who may be standing in front of antennas periodically or testing gear
that interfers without getting pre-approved)

2) To do a spectrum site survey, on the fly in any direction, to find the
least noisy channel, WITHOUT taking the primary sector antenna down

By having the radio and the camera on the same pole, it would help confirm
which direction we were pointing exactly when doing the survey. One of the
other requirements is that it won't turn more that 360 in one direction to
prevent cable CAT5 breaking, and to ahve a refference of the starting point
in deg, calibrated to a known direction (north 0 deg?).   What would REALLY
be cool, is if it had a speaker out put on the camera, so I could yell at
the worker standing in front of my antenna :-).   I'm aware that some camera
may have an output for controlling a relay or servo motor, as some
solutions/platforms exist to mount and rotate a single camera attached.
Preferably, I'd like a solution that could rotate the pole itself.
Everything of course would need to be outdoor survivable, and strong enough
that the pole would stay errect and safe at 200-300 feet up.  My thought is
that maybe the controls could be initiated from the IP Camera connections,
If I found a rotating platform/pole mount.

Are there any mechanical hobbyists out there, that might suggest the most
cost effective way to accomplish this?
(My goal is lowest cost, lowest cost, lowest cost, so I can afford to
replicate the solution at about 20 locations)

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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