There is a HUGE problem with Mikrotik and FCC certification. The Mikrotik 532 puts out over 30db of constant "noise" in an area they should not be (150MHz and 400MHz). It's still an issue, and has not been fixed or even addressed by MT.


Butch Evans wrote:
On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Patrick Leary wrote:

Why do you have to have the router? The DSL and cable guys don't provide routers (not without extra fees). I provide my own in my home. At work we have our own router.

I provide a router because that is the best network design and it offers ME an upgrade path that is beyond just being a provider of a COMMODITY service (transport). You don't have to agree with it, others don't have to do it, but "them's the facts".

VL also can do VLAN, all the way to QinQ 802.3ad VLANs. It does
that's not marketing goop, it's been tested by a tier 1 operator and it blew them away.)

Wow. As I said in the first post, I have nothing bad to say about Alvarion gear...(please read the last paragraph)

Plus, in the end the thing that I admit really gets me is that some of these products simply are not legal at all and are illegally shipped in from overseas. If we just blatantly flauted the laws we could save tons in R&D and legal too. It has always been disappointing that some WISPs simply don't care about that. Especially when at the same time the same WISP might complain that another WISP is over driving a system.

This is a problem, but not so much of a problem as you make it out to be. I realize the law is "black and white", but the reality is a little more like "shades of grey". I'm not supporting anyone breaking the law, but the truth of the matter is that there IS a difference between operating a system that is not certified within legal limits and operating a system that operates outside legal power limits. The primary difference is that one of these (you get to pick) will cause more harm to the usability of the spectrum than the other.

On another subject, take another look at the subject line...It's not about Alvarion gear, but you seem to have stepped into the middle of it (once again). I really just wish you'd at least have the courtesy to change the subject line if you are going to change the subject.

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