Butch... here is what we found...

Non-PoE 48V input was the worst for noise at 100-150MHz and 400-450MHz.
PoE 48V was down a little, but only slightly.
Non-PoE 18V input got rid of most of the 100-150MHz, and dropped the 400-450MHz by 70%. PoE 18V was down more, with 99% of the 100-150MHz gone and the 400-450MHz down by 80% or more.


Butch Evans wrote:
On Sat, 2 Dec 2006, JohnnyO wrote:

Travis - please show me "PROOF" of this - Lemme see the scans you've performed by Spec-An and any other documented data you've accumulated.

I've heard of this issue. I will be doing some testing in the next 2 weeks with some conclusive tests.

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