The real issue is that Mikrotik is ignoring the problem. I have personally emailed John Tully @ MT four or five times with no response. I posted a message on their support forum back in July or August and it was deleted. One of my partners posted a message on their support forum (with a different username) and it was also deleted off the forum. :(

There is obviously an issue as Mikrotik is trying to cover it up (hoping it will go away).


John Scrivner wrote:
Just to be clear. When I stated that I had heard that the RB532 was causing some interference out of band I was not trying to discredit Mikrotik or their products. I had read the thread below earlier. That was what had led to my belief that this board was creating some out of band interference and had ongoing issues related to that. If anyone has more current information about validation of this problem or a remedy please feel free to share.

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Does anyone know if there is a resolution on this issue?  If you browse
Mikrotik's site, the thread has been removed.


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Here is a thread from the MT forums on it.

Sam Tetherow
Sandhills Wireless

Mac Dearman wrote:

Where did you get that info from Travis? Links, source...etc?

Mac Dearman



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Maybe they pulled them off production due to the NOISE they are blowing all over the 50-450Mhz spectrum. :(


Kelly Shaw wrote:

Anyone know of a source with RouterBoard 532s in stock?

I normally can get them from WispRouter but they won't respond to my phone calls about them...

Kelly Shaw

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