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Somethings don't need proof, to be known to be true.
I also don't feel there are many real world evaluations that give
credability to what a valuation can end up being based on equipment.
There are to many factors in a sale, to know exactly why the price was or
wasn't gotten.
My proof is just my own common sense, learned from communication with
prospective buyers.
I've NEVER heard a  response "Oh you have Alvarion, not sure I want to
you credit for that crap."
It just doesn't happen.  I don't even think the buyers understand the
difference in the various gear.
But it can never hurt you to a product that someone almost definately has
heard of, and recognize as a name brand product.

I personally would pay more for an Alvarion or Motorola network vs 802.11. I
just wondered if there was anything behind the statement that an Alvarion
network would bring more than Moto. Two name-brand networks - where Motorola
certainly has greater recognition.

But there is no substance behind the claim, so I can drop it now.

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