Butch Evans wrote:

There are nearly 4000 (unfortunately not all mine :-) 100meg customers on that network.

I don't want to argue this point, because I just don't have enough information about the network. I seriously doubt, though, that all those customers are all on a single /20 network (which would support 4096 hosts). Even worse, if there are routers there, too, it may need a /19 (which would accomodate over 8000 customers). If they are not, take my word for it...they are routed.

You never know.

Thanks to irony, my apartment is in a dead spot, where I can't get my own company's wireless service, so I've got a cable modem at home. Right now, my home router's IP address is assigned from a /20 - the router reports my network mask as, and my default gateway really is a couple thousand addresses away.

Being a cable company with positively obscene amounts of money, I'd assume they're using some sort of fancy VLAN solution, or at least a really smart switch. But heck, I don't really know. One of these days, I'll be bored, and plug in the notebook, with Wireshark running, just to see what kind of other traffic I can see out there...

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