You say that you have a huge market to tap.
What are you doing to tap it?

What is your sales plan?
What is your marketing plan?
(Both are an integral part of your business plan).

Is your website up-to-date, marketing your services?
Letting people know who you are and where you are available?

Anyone in your company networking?
Working the Chamber?
Working with Community Leaders like Home Owners Associations and Condo Boards?

Do you have signs up in lit areas?
How about hiring kids to do door hangers?
How about newspaper inserts?
Ads in church flyers?


Peter Radizeski
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Rick Smith wrote:

ditto, and now I've taken over 100% of the company from the one person
that did help me along early on.

We built a large network here in NJ - across 12 locations, and it covers
1000's of potential accounts with no access to dsl or cable.

Now looking for someone to come in with some operating / capex capital and get some real growth going. Been in business plan mode for a week now.

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