Two common problems for all small businesses (1-99 employees): Hiring and pricing. Most price too low just to grab any revenue at all, even at a loss. The other is hiring, because how to you grow with out human resources? You need to hire slow and fire fast. Expectations have to be managed from day 1.

If the Sales guy is selling outside your footprint, it's management's duty to drag him back into the lit region. Explain Type I versus Type II - type I is on-net; type II is off-net.

A couple of my clients have stacks of business cards in the sales cubes. Card scan those babies into a database (CRM, listserv, something) and contact those people with a newsletter or message quarterly. CRM is key. How do you know what a sales person is doing unless you can track / measure it? (Plus if he is using CRM and all his contacts go in there; when he is gone, you have something to show for it.)

What will the capital be for?
How do you get revenue without sales?
How do you sell without a salesperson?


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Rick Smith wrote:


I've had two "sales guys" over the years, neither one of them
could understand the concept of "sell it where we've got it"

I'm willing to bet you guys have all seen the same problem.

coverage area's worth nothing unless you have the means and
the people to sell customers there.

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