Okay, we heard you already. One thread for this discussion is plenty.

The established mechanism for getting your link on the front page of
wispa.org is to become a vendor member. You say you've spent $1200/mo on
Google Ads - I'll give you a lot more credit if you apply that same amount
to a *year* of membership in WISPA, which, by your own claims, will have a
much greater impact on your visibility.

On 12/7/06, Robert Kim Wireless Internet Advisor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Google ads is effective but by FAR the most expensive way to get
potential customer traffic.

You're better off showing up in the main search results section. If
you're interested, lets get to page one of "wimax" and "wireless

personally i spent $1200/m on adwords and got about $1200 in profit
back. Now, i'm #2 in google for "EVDO" and it increased my traffic and
sales by 2500%

Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC
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