Tom DeReggi wrote:
If our link is up, and we see new interference on it, we go after the interferer until they move. I can tell you, if someone puts up a radio using all 100mhz of spectrum, and it happens to cross one of our cellsite or subscribers taking them down, the offendor's link will be taken down (made unusable) within 24 hours, that I promise and guarantee. Why do I say that, because I'm follow your advise Bob, business is business. What comes around goes around. I got a radio on the shelf that I call the Equalizer ready and waiting, and 200 class A/B roof tops to create a ligitimate PtP link to take it down. NOBODY is above/invulnerable to interference. And a tech is fooling theirself is their strategy is they are always going to deploy smarter than the next guy. We all have the same gear available to us.

The above both in your suggested course of action and the fact that you state it on a public mailing list easily searchable by Google almost ensures a law suit should you ever take your suggested course of action. There are numerous better ways to deal with interference and/or competitors.


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