Mario may be talking about the use of the "catchall" user under the domain settings. The catchall user is a legacy feature that was available as a work around for directory sync issues. This may or may not be discontinued, but may be used in limited setups. The problem is that people are using the catchall user to filter complete domains instead of paying for actual user accounts to be spam filtered. Some people where also doing this with aliases and thus the limit on 5 aliases per primary user account. If anyone using Postini is doing this now, I suggest not doing so.

Postini does however have a new Directory Sync feature for the Service Provider Edition as well as filtering all unregistered users for viruses. They have also added a second virus scan using Authentium, When McAfee scans an email clean it then will be scanned once again by Authentium.

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And how would I do that?

Last I knew, Postini wanted to get paid too.


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You can make all your mail traffic go through Postini without being charged more, and you can still charge the customer the $1 fee for usage.
   And, yeah, people do like.

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