For us in little old Yakima we have a crumpled and twisted 50 foot tower that 
pulled the guy wire support concrete and all about 15 feet clean out of the 
ground while the tower was falling.  It took six access points/antennas, of 
that we saved three of the radios and four of the antennas but it did hit the 
power line and the wait was two days for the power company. 

Do get back up we put in a wood pole and remounted all new equipment.  We had 
the Canopy high end accounts back up in 4 hours and the rest of the 2.4 people 
up by days end.  I had to go up about every 10 hours to change batteries until 
the power was back on.  We have been blessed with good weather since the big 
storm so thank goodness for that.  We measured 75 MPH gusts during the storm 
but of seven towers only had one crash and one with turned AP antennas. 

Then the customers with antennas that spun away from our tower started coming 
in.  In all we have/are handling about 115 open tickets of which every staff 
member will be out in trucks Monday.  I had to do Business Class customers all 
weekend since they have 24/7 response in their contract.    One thing for sure 
using tripods or pole mounts are much better then some of the roof water pipe 
installs I found this week.  Those always fail first. 

Forbes Mercy 

President - Washington Broadband, Inc. 

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