Funny yu should ask, but my guy just finished building 4 rootennas repeaters with the extra n female bulkheads and ethernet pass throughs. I think maybe he has been at it for about an hour maybe an hour and a half.

Programing takes about 10-15 minutes to upload new firmware and configure the boards.


Tom DeReggi wrote:
On average, how long does it take, to build a WAR/rootenna radio system, start to finish. Or I should say, how much time should the manager allocate for the process to be complete by their techs.
Lets define some common variables....
Say the tech is building 5 at a time, of the same configuration.
Assume that its mounting equipment that does not come as a complete kit, meaning the follow ing variable could occurs....
Need to find the correct standoffs.
Net to cut sheet metal and drill holes for backplane.
Need to power up and teset radio.
Boards are WAR board preloaded with Firmware.

PS. The WAR boards have narrower diameter mounting hole, and the typical coarse thread gold PC stand-offs are to wide and thread into the hole in appropriately. Any one have a source for the fine thread narrower diameter standoffs and nuts?

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