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> First, I have to figure out how many kbps a gig of download would be.
> Specifically, I've got a couple of customers doing 50 gigs per month. 
> How many kbps does it take to generate that?

Assuming a month is 30 days (nice round number), 50GB/month is about
161kbps, all the time. That's the equivalent of, say, leaving a
high-quality streaming radio station running, or a low-quality video
feed like

I'm staying out of the rest of the discussion, because I'm violently
allergic to pay-by-the-bit pricing. It may make good sense to the
bookkeeper, but with streaming media (YouTube, Google Video), big
downloadable media (iTunes movies, Amazon Unbox), and giant software
downloads (World of Warcraft and just about every other MMORPG) becoming
more prevalent, I think it's just gonna seriously annoy your users in
the long term.

David Smith
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