I also just realized you asked what the "Lost Beacon Threshold" setting
is about. In standard CSMA/CA radios, the APs will reset if their
beacons are not received within a certain window, which can cause havoc
on the network. This can happen in high interference environments.

With BreezeACCESS VL an operator can set the time value for the "Lost
Beacon Threshold." 

>From the manual:
When [an AU] is unable to send beacon frames for a predetermined period
of time, such as in the case of interference, the AU resets itself. The
Lost Beacons Transmission Threshold parameter represents the number of
consecutive lost beacons after which the unit will reset itself. The
range for this parameter is 100 - 1000 or 0. When the parameter is set
to 0 this feature is disabled, i.e. internal refresh will never be
performed. The default value is 218.

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