And there is no enforceable action that may or not take place if these voluntary commitments are not met, i.e., penalties and or fines after the merger is completed. Same smoke and mirrors BS from past mergers.

Frank Muto
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By December 31, 2007, AT&T/BellSouth will offer broadband Internet access
service (i.e., Internet access service at speeds in excess of 200 kbps in at
least one direction) to 100 percent of the residential living units in the
AT&TBellSouth in-region territory. 2 To meet this commitment, AT&T/BellSouth will offer broadband Internet access services to t least 85 percent of such
living units using wireline technologies (the "Wireline Buildout Area").
AT&T/BellSouth will make available broadband Internet access service to the
remaining living units using alternative technologies and operating
arrangements, including but not limited to satellite and Wi-Max fixed
wireless technologies . AT&TBellSouth further commits that at least 30
percent of the incremental deployment after the Merger Closing Date
necessary to achieve the Wireline Buildout Area commitment wi11 be to rural
areas or low income living units. 3



Peter Radizeski

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