This is a VERY well written policy that works well. Since it is automated it also P***ES off subscribers. My father-in-law uses Hughes. He bought an electronic copy of Adobe Photoshop. The version he purchased was a 3CD-ROM set. He got through 1 CD rom and POOF he was on dialup speeds.

This was a completely legitimate download of completely legitimate software and the Adobe download software was only doing something like 50KB/sec as it self throttles.

Man o Man, that was 2 years ago and he STILL P***ES and moans about it! Due to this, I use a "play nice" policy. If I see some abnormal usage (and I get paged by my MRTG system) I simply cut the user off for a bit to break the bit-torrent session or I call the user. I tell them that they are on a shared system and that if they don't play nice then they can't play at all.

Now, I have little to no competent competition so if the end user really wants to get mad then I let them out of their contract.

My $.00002(CAN) worth.


ps: if you ever venture over Stevens Pass. Email me, I'll buy you lunch while I pick your brain. :)

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote, On 12/29/2006 9:23 AM:
This looks like it's well written and makes a ton of sense to me.[OID[BD8BE0839F414B4FB7CDDCA10EFA5369]]

Anyone else implementing a program like this?

Any suggested specifics?
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