I am going to attempt to hire some new CPE installers, as contractors, paid by the job (peice work). (I see market rate around $100-$150 per job -residential). Finding guys that ALREADY know how to do it correctly, is not likely. This brings me to Training.

How are you training the installers? Are you making them do a mandatory time period shadowing/apprenticing with one of your existing installers? If so, does their pay change for that period? Are you bringing them in-house for a significant duration Trainging Class? For example, a 1 week class room training? What minimum requirements do you expect them to have to be worthy to be trained? I hear that many are successfull hiring X-Satelite TV installers, but they are not likely to have extensive TCPIP experience.

Its not easy finding a guy thats willing to climb a ladder daily and also had his free time being spent as a computer geek. They are two different breed people (The worken man and the intellectual). Do you train the geek to climb a ladder, or train the ladder climber to be a geek? I find that applicants that have physical labor backgrounds work faster, and enjoy their job as being a wireless installer, as adds many new challenges and is easier work. But the training can be tough starting at ground zero, how to configure the LAPTOP with an IP address. When I employed, and paid by the hour or salary, it was pretty easy to figure out who to hire. But contracting, a whole new set of issues arise.

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