Anyone care to share their thoughts on this?

For those of you in the MTU market- how do you handle pricing? By the
unit? By the head? Does it make more sense to try to get the whole apt.
at one time just like the gas company and have all the roommates pitch
in on the bill, or does it make more sense to let everyone choose their
own provider?  From a retention standpoint, do you stand a better chance
of keeping the other roommates if one guy is a deadbeat and wont pay and
causes the whole apartment to get shut off? Or, his wireless card goes
down, he cant use the service and lobbies for cable service. If his
roommates are happy will they keep paying their own individual accounts
and tell him to fix his own problem?  Can you make more and keep more by
charging say $10/head and giving everyone a choice  or selling the whole
unit for $35-$45?  




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