Fujitsu Ships the Industry's First Commercially Available 5.8GHz WiMAX System-on-Chip for Base Stations and Subscriber Units

   Texas Instruments, ORZA Networks and Sun Create Use the Fujitsu SoC to
   Build Solutions for BWA and WiMAX Markets

   SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 17 /CNW/ -- Fujitsu Microelectronics America,
Inc. (FMA) is now shipping its 5.8GHz WiMAX baseband system-on-chip (SoC) to
ODM partners and customers worldwide, including solutions provider Texas
Instruments, WiMAX systems provider ORZA Networks and WiMAX customer premises
maker Sun Create Electronics Co., Ltd.
   The 5.8GHz WiMAX SoC from Fujitsu has been based on the WiMAX Forum(TM)
worldwide system profile. The chip has both the performance characteristics
and cost-effectiveness to support full base station designs as well as
subscriber unit implementations. The Fujitsu SoC, which supports frequencies
ranging from 2 to 11GHz in both licensed and unlicensed bands, is now being
used in the industry's first commercially available fixed WiMAX CPE supporting
the 5.8GHz band.
   "As a leading provider of complete, end-to-end solutions for WiMAX
infrastructure applications, we are pleased to partner with Fujitsu on WiMAX
designs for the unlicensed spectrum," said Nicolas Salamina, Product Line
Manager of Texas Instruments' High Speed Communications Group. "By coupling
our highly flexible RF solutions, with Fujitsu's capabilities, we believe base
station manufacturers will realize the benefit of an optimized solution for
5.8GHz applications."
   "Through our partnership with Fujitsu and TI, ORZA's product line --
ranging from base stations to highly integrated CPE's and base stations for
the 5GHz band -- was brought to market swiftly," stated Basse Bergqvist, CEO
of ORZA Networks PLC. "The technology's cost-effectiveness also enables ORZA
to meet market demands for a true, low-cost consumer solution while still
maintaining a high performance level and without cutting corners."
"Our SunMAX5800 CPE has achieved the highest price/performance because of both Fujitsu's WiMAX SoC and Texas Instrument's RF chip set," said Delin Cai,
vice president of Sun Create Electronics Co., Ltd. "Their highly integrated
solutions allow Sun Create to offer its customers a cost-effective, WiMAX
compliant CPE with superior performance."
   "Shipping these market-leading WiMAX SoCs in the 5.8GHz bands to one of
the strongest fleets of customers in the industry continues to fulfill our
commitment to deliver innovation and momentum to the fixed WiMAX access
markets worldwide," stated George Wu, director of marketing of Fujitsu
Microelectronics America. "We look forward to customer adoption and network
deployments that can serve millions of underserved subscribers in North and
South America, as well as all markets where our partners deliver BWA/WiMAX
systems, service and support."
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