Does anyone know about these guys?  Can anyone take the time to touch base with 
them and gather useful data?

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Subject: CALEA Compliance - Will you be ready by May 14th?

ATTN: Wireless Internet Service Provider,

What are your plans for becoming CALEA compliant by May 14, 2007? Are you 
looking for a solution
like all other Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) that will minimize 
your costs? If so, allow 
us to introduce you to Intelleq Communications. Our service, Capture-CALEA 
Solutions, is a complete 
lawful intercept solution, which provides state-of-the-art intercept capability 
for the provisioning, access, 
delivery and recording of authorized communications. 

We believe our solution and pricing flexibility will meet your needs. 
Therefore, we have enclosed a 
data sheet that will provide you with a brief overview of who we are and why 
your company might benefit 
from exploring how Intelleq can meet or exceed your CALEA needs. 

Key features of our service:

    . Reduce operations expenses, including staffing needs
    . Minimize capital expenditures for current and future network services
    . Minimize LEA-related network interference
    . Alleviates risk of stranded investment in rapidly changing network 
    . Most cost-effective way to meet LEA needs
    . Faster time to market, easier entrance to new markets, generates 
compliance quickly
    . Allows carriers to focus on their "core business" 

Intelleq Communications welcomes the opportunity to provide you with additional 
information on our industry-
leading, lawful intercept solution, Capture. All we need is a mutual 
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so we 
can provide you with a comprehensive overview of our service, along with a 
proposal for your consideration. 
Once the NDA is in place, we would like to schedule a web meeting so you can 
communicate to us your 
specific requirements, and we in turn can present our unique solutions.
We are confident Intelleq can help your organization become CALEA compliant in 
a very cost-effective and 
timely manner. The clock is ticking, with less than 115 days left to be 
compliant, so call us today at 
1-866-50-CALEA to learn more about our lawful intercept solution.   

Best regards,

Jeff Cato V.P. Sales & Marketing 

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