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I'm looking out about 6 months and expect to run out of bandwidth with my
current T1 line.  That's the good news because it means that I have more
demand than supply.  My niche is that I serve the rural community and
getting bandwidth out here is a challenge.  I would like to begin planning
for an expanded service area but the first problem I need to solve is the
acquisition of more bandwidth.

  I think the most likely solution would be for a wireless backhaul but I
have no idea where to begin. Since you all have helped so much in the past, I figured this forum would at least set me on the correct path. Questions I
have include:  Who are the cost-effective providers?  What's the transport
medium of choice? What kinds of distances are available? What is the unit
of bandwidth - 45Mbps? And what costs are to be expected?

  As usual, thanks in advance for any and all responses!

Regards, Jim in Kansas City..

Jim Stout

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