Apparently Nokia is now out with the N800, the successor to the 770. I don't have techno-lust details yet - look for yourself at http://,n800, but friends tell me it fixes the weaknesses of the 770, and is the preferred "Linux hacking" platform (cool open source stuff coming out for it) for portable Internet-connected devices.

One of the funnier... cooler... things I've seen of late is Bluetooth GPS devices. One I saw REALLY impressed me - it was deep inside a restaurant, but was still able to get a fix from the windows more than 20' away.



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It's funny you posted this message today.... I just picked up a new "test" phone I am trying to replace my Treo 650. I grabbed an HP iPaq 6945 from Cingular for $189 (with two year contract) and have been playing with it on an off for the last couple of days.

The biggest advantage to this phone is the built-in GPS, along with WiFi and Bluetooth. There are some neat functions that are already built-in to the main OS... such as the camera showing GPS coordinates on the picture when you take it (if you enable that option). Also, many commercial map programs (TomTom 6, etc.) work on this phone with the GPS. With a simple car mount and car adapter, you have a full-fledged GPS device built into your phone. There are also programs that will connect to WiFi and update GPS coordinates to a website... so you could have real-time locations for your installers with no monthly fee. ;)

It's running Windows Mobile 5, which is better than any other Windows phone OS I have used, but still not as easy to navigate as the Palm OS. The biggest feature on the Treo 650 for me is the SMS messaging. It's easy to access (single button) and it keeps a chat dialog going with each person you have talked to. I send and receive over 100 messages per day, sometimes 200-300. It's quick, easy, and can be done with one hand. If there was just a simple program that would function the same, the iPaq could be a great phone for me.

I should also mention I purchased a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. This is a pretty cool device as well.... built in WiFi and Bluetooth, running Linux with a nice GUI. Nice wide, bright screen too. It just doesn't have a phone or GPS, just WiFi. Still pretty cool for that type of a device.



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