I have the T-Mobile version of this phone called the MDA. AFAIK Sprint and
T-Mobile do not strip any features from the phone. I belive one or two of
the other carriers do strip some features. 

A little writeup on all the software that I use on my MDA, GPS (Franson
GPSgate highly recommended for use with GPS), Mapping etc:

I've used this phone in Europe and the mobile data worked perfectly for the
PDA and Dial Up Networking for my laptop (with no roaming data surcharge). 


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> From: Rich Comroe
> Absolutely amazing how many windows phones have come out in 
> the last few months.  Just 12 months ago there were only 3 
> ... and now there's got'ta be dozens.  I love my PPC6700 so 
> much I bought a 2nd one ... EVDO / RTT1X / IS95 tri-mode, 
> bluetooth, wifi, camera, added a couple GB on mini-SD, 
> slide-out full keyboard, huge screen.  Got Microsoft VC++ 
> enterprise ... it comes with windows mobile 5 development 
> environment.  But I was disappointed at how stripped down the 
> windows mobile version of MFC was.
> If you can get one without the "neutered" OS you'll be 
> happier.  The carriers have stripped key networking 
> components of the OS to keep you from using your phone as a 
> wifi access point for nearby laptops.  I've got the original 
> fully capable OS and it's amazing what you can do.  If you 
> see a pop-up that says "a newer version of OS is available, 
> click here" ... DON'T!!!  It's a neutered version from your 
> carrier (not from Microsoft) which removes specific dial-up 
> networking components to limit your abilities.

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