OSHA (or some big insurance co maybe) recently required that all harnesses on oil rigs were to be replaced with fireproof ones, at least for welders. The yellow nylon ones that are popular with WISPs, etc all showed up on the used market in big quantity. Many of them with minimal wear or apparent damage. My friend who worked on a offshore rig, who climbs for me sometimes said they threw out about 100 of them, many still new in the package. Since they get on/off the rig via chopper, and the personal bags weight is very limited, he couldn't easily bring any home, and I suspect that they ended up like most of the refuse on the rig... at the bottom of the Gulf.

Not suggesting that anyone buy a used harness, but just trying to put some possible explanation out there as to why they are there.


chris cooper wrote:

Tessco has them.

Although- I went to my local outdoor store/pawn shop last week. They had
a whole rack full of climbing harnesses that had been pawned.  Not quite
sure how to read that one.....


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Hello Fellow WISP's

I need to purchase a tower climbing harness.  If you have one to sell,
great, if you know of a company that sells them that would be great too.

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