I believe what you would be looking for is something like a NetEqualizer. This device works to equalize all your traffic to make sure one user is not using up all the pipe. It works by tracking active connections by IP address, if it finds a user hogging the bandwidth it puts a delay on their connection to slow it down until they are back under control. The best thing about this device is the price they are inexpensive compared to the very high end devices.
Mike Pearson

Matt Liotta wrote:
Have you thought about selling the customer a pipe that works for any and all traffic at the speed the customer signed up for as opposed to deciding for the customer?


Jason wrote:

Several times in the last few weeks the topic of bandwidth management has been discussed, but "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Lookin' For"... Here's what I'd like to do:

1. Each user starts with a big "Internet Pipe". This way casual surfing and emails, etc. happen nice and snappy.

2. If a user downloads a big chunk of data, he needs to be "shaped" to a lower data rate after a few minutes (I'm thinking 2 or 3 minutes).

3. Step 2 repeats over and over several times if the user continues to download.

4. After the user quits hogging the network, his bandwidth is restored in stages (backwards of 2 and 3).

I know this, or at least similar things to it, are being done out there. The HughesNet satellite FAP works something like this (I don't know the actual values):

1.  Each user has a "Bit Bucket" that holds 1 Gig of bandwidth.

2.  The "Bit Bucket is replenished at 128k.

3. The speed at which the user can download from his "bit bucket" is 1meg.

4. If the user uses all the bits in his bucket faster than they are replenished, he eventually gets only 128k.

Does anyone know how to get something like this going? I am especially interested in Linux/Ubuntu solutions.


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