Just so you know - Cingular is indeed a separate entity from BST and at&t.
Assets from one are not found by the other.

Heck, SBC assets can't be found by at&t.
Level3 can't identify Progress or Telcove lit buildings.

The bigger they get, the worse it gets.
But the opportunity to steal customers with exceptional service and a remarkable product offering are there for the taking.


Peter Radizeski

KyWiFi LLC wrote:

WOW, $450 per month for a T-1 in a rural area is unheard of!
This is great for you Blair, count yourself VERY lucky. It took
6+ months of negotiations between myself and AT&T just to get
T-1's for $605 per month. We have located a full DS3 approx. 15
miles away from here for $1,950 per month so we are working
diligently on acquiring it. The problem is that there is a tower we
need to use right onsite where this AT&T POP is but AT&T
knows nothing about it when I speak with their agents. The tower
is like 30' away from the backside of their POP and there are
several wires and heliax running from the POP to the tower so
you would think they would know who owns it if they don't. Well,
I went over there and took some pictures last week and the sign
on the chainlink fence shows Cingular as the owner. What a joke...

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