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But, the model will work if you bill by the bytes....

If Joe is paying $40 per month for 6 Gig and gets throttled at 6 Gig, then he 
has a disincentive for keeping going. If he is paying $40 for unlimited access, 
he has no reason to slow down.

Charter cable is doing 10 meg down/1 meg up in some markets for like $99 per 
month, how can you compete with that?

Well, the reality is this: you can't compete with it.  And why try?
Why not move upstream to a larger ARPU customer?
Cable & ILEC can handle and deliver service to the masses cheaply - for now.
But there is a segment of every population that needs more than the cheap dumb pipe attached to the cheap dumb support. That is the GAP. That is where the money is.

That is where your market is. But it may mean selling beyond just a pipe.

I've been preaching this for years - and clients that have listened - narrowed their focus; but the shotgun (marketing) away; have done well.

See articles here: And there:


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