You are right. (At this time people should not state publically on this list if they aren't going to file)

Also, I previously spoke spontaniously without thinking the issue through, without any concept of time and due dates. I wasn't putting two and two togeather to realize the filing deadline was due more or less now, before court cases would even be battled. I will be filing, because its my obligation to, and no proven reason not to. I honestly feel that. Actually, when I think about it, we should be applauding the FCC, for taking a stand to keep information confidential.

With that said, I do think it is appropriate to discuss how the Freedom of Information Act will effect the FCC to be able to maintain confidentiality. I think it also appropriate to discuss the pros and cons of filing, based on how that court battle ends up. Right now, the FCC has held firm, and we should support them back, for supporting us. But this is a serious issue. If the information that I file, gets given to a company Like Verizon, it could give them the advantage to put me out of business in a couple months, if they wanted to. If you do not think the Telcos are watching the WISP industry closely, you are fooling yourself. As a business owner, I have the right to protect the success of my business, and I have the right to protect my confidential information. I have the right to withhold information, take my stand publically, and legal fight to protect my company's interest if there is reason to do so. If my detailed information from the Report was disclosed, and it led to a competive disadvantage in my markets, I'd sue the FCC. I'd argue that it would be a Wireless Trade Association's responsibilities (such as WISPAs) to lead the fight to protect WISP's confidential information. WISPA needs to send out a consolidated united message, that if our information is disclosed, that we will feel betrayed and will take legal action as an industry to protect our interests, or not cooperate. That is being taken seriously, showing the power we have in numbers.

What you will find is that initially the FCC may hold firm and not disclose information now. But when it becomes to much of a hassle and to costly to defend, they might give in. What would prevent them from giving in, is knowing that they would be opening a whole nother can of worms, headached, and costs with the WISPs that trusted the FCC.

Again, I am way ahead of myself on this post. I'm just talking "What Ifs". To date there is no evidence that the FCC will disclose information, and they currently have refused to disclose it.

I think we should all file, but when we file, we should each include a letter with our filing, stating that information is confidential information, that we are aware of the current case requesting information to be disclosed, and expressing our concerns and the importance that our information stays confidential.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Actually, once they post on this public, archived listserv that they will not file, it becomes a permanent record and their business becomes everyone's business.

You want WISPA to be taken seriously? You don't post on the list and say I ain't filing.
It reflects poorly.
You don't want to file - don't file, but shut up about it.

- Peter

George Rogato wrote:

I am not saying to anyone else tyhat they should or shouldn't, thats your business not mine.

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