I've been interested in using 900 MHz technology to start a small WISP in a
few areas in my region but am a bit intimidated by the vast amount of
competition.  Just when I get started on the business plan and feasibility
of it all I start hearing about WiMax providers and 3G technology and wonder
if it would even be worth it.  I mean by the time I get setup and running
and start to recover my original costs I will have to compete with not only
DSL & Cable but with other wireless type providers.


It doesn't seem that 3G has the true speed or pricing that people want but
has the penetration (literally).  As for WiMax it will have the speed and
interoperability to make the equipment cheaper but the penetration
(literally) of walls and other items like trees will be lacking.  So 900 MHz
does seem to be the way to go since speed can be obtained to compete with
the standard wired providers and I can get the penetration.  Does it even
all seem worth it to anyone else?





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