I know it's not the answer your looking for, but I am in a market served by cable and dsl all at just as fast rates and just about the same pricing or less.

My advantage is the personalized service.

When was the last time the owner of ATT went to the home of a customer and gave them support.

Our nitch is being constantly redefined. Today it is service more than availability.

At least there is a segment of the market where we win hands down, the quality of service segment.


Chadd Thompson wrote:
Almost makes you want to close the doors on the rural market and let the
FCC/Gov fund/force ATT or whoever to provide service in these underserved
It is going to get to the point where we are only going to be able to
compete in areas where DSL/Cable is not available. I am not sure about the
rest of you but there are not enough of those customers in our area to
survive on that alone.
It disgusts me anymore to see this type of stuff, well this and to see how
many ISP's are getting huge amount of $$$ from the government to provide
service in areas that are already served by one or more ISP's. One of our
local ISP's has received a cash cow to deploy fiber over a good portion of
Southern IL. I am surprised Scriv hasn't mentioned this as I think it is
going to encroach on a few areas he currently serves.

Kimmelman, for one, thinks AT&T's new DSL pricing will help "discipline"
broadband pricing. Once AT&T's $19.95 rate for naked DSL is broadly
available, other broadband providers, including cable, "will be
hard-pressed to keep hiding behind a higher price."

They need to do something with AT&T to get them to improve service and
reduce cost for competing ISP's who are forced to either buy bandwidth from
them or pay their outrageous local loop prices.

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