We have a stipulation in our AUP when the customer signs the initial contract that prohibits maximizing their connection for a sustained period of time. We enforce a 3 strike rule then kick 'em off-line if violated. If they choose to go with another provider then good riddance. Let the competition deal with them.


John J. Thomas wrote:
I am going to be specific here

What mechanism do you have in place to 'protect' your network from the person 
that downloads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you sold me a connection that 
was 256k for $39.99 I would feel that I have a right to use it as much as I 

I am not saying bit cap, I am saying tiered pricing. I am sure that most here 
can break their clients into 3 groups;

1. the people that rarely use their Internet, possibly 300-500 megabytes per 

2. The average user that probably uses 2-5 Gigabytes per month.

3. The bandwidth hog that is using 20 Gigs plus per month and complains when 
their speed teest falls for 5 k bits per second.

My argument is that ISPs need to have a mechanism to make the people in the 
last group either pay their fair share, or go somewhere else.


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