Mac Dearman wrote:
See inline please
 my noise floor is as I live in Louisiana and my
noise floor is just that - -MINE. I created the noise and I live with I have
created. That's one of the purposes for the sectors.

Maybe part of the difference is the city and the woods. I serve both and understand the complexity.

I used to have lots of amps and even still have too many 200mw B cpe's getting the job done.

What I've found out and experienced is that when I started removing the high powered stuff, everything worked better. Self interference disappeared. I caused a lot of noise.

Only way to get rid of a high powered shot is to build a closer in ap. or use 900, which hasn't been so appealing to me.

If this can't be done, high powered B is the answer and stay. Thats why my main site stays the way it is. there's no use swapping to G and having a few 200mw B cards yelling at it, it won't work well.

I think it's an evolving process, myself.

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