The signal was in the -70's not right at -70. It was mid to upper -70's from
what I figured up they were putting out around 43dBm EIRP. I could also see
the SSID of the AP so I know what town it was located in and it was/is a
sectorized POP that would be around 30dBm radio input to a 14-15dBi antenna
or a 26dBm radio input to a 17-18dBi antenna.


> That's 4 watts.  At 39 dB you'd be at 8 watts.  At 40 it would be
> around 10
> watts.
> Are you SURE that the remote tower you're seeing at -70 is really
> 20 miles
> out?  To pick that up with a -70 rssi from a 9 dB antenna would
> require an
> amazing amount of power.
> It was very common for a long time to see Hyperlink and a couple of other
> amp manufacturers sell 1 watt amps (30 dB) and 15 dB omni antennas.  Even
> with that config I show an rssi of -76.  I guess they could be
> running a 2
> watt amp and a 18 dB panel of some kind.  But I'd find that very unusual.

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