Have you tried our Speedtest.net server in Atlanta? We share a common upstream, so I would think the route is good.


Don Annas wrote:
OK.. So now that we are running BGP between multiple providers, we have
noticed that none of the Internet speedtest are measuring results anywhere
close.  One of our circuits are 100MB and the other is 45MB.  When running a
speed test, it typically shows less than 2MB up or down.  When I do a file
transfer to an outside host, I can tell that I am getting great speed beyond
what the speedtest will report

Could this be due to the fact that traffic may route out one provider and
back in the other?

- Don

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On Wed, 7 Feb 2007, Don Annas wrote:

When peering with multiple providers, is it a requirement that you pick a primary to send and receive traffic or can you not prepend AS hops and allow traffic to arrive to you via the 'best' BGP route.

There is no way to "insure" that traffic will come back to you on any particular interface/connection. Prepending is the "best method" to add to the probability that the "other" route will be used. It should be noted that it is possible that a BGP Peer will remove your prepended hops, however.

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