Ideas about how to fill out the form if you don't know how you would comply yet? Does anyone know if this is a required field? Can you just put "not sure yet"? Are there industry standards - can we put that we would follow the WISPA standard if it is not yet written?

I appreciate the links from people - Cisco - works if you have Cisco installed and NetTap, not sure if this works for me or not yet.


John Scrivner wrote:

I have not spent one penny on CALEA yet. I know I will but I bet it will not be much and I bet this will all look like "sky is falling" dialog when it is all said and done. I remember the day that K-Mart said they were going to give away free dialup nationwide. I think that was around 2000. Now that scared me. Funny thing was I grew more that month than any other prior. CALEA does not scare me at all. The only thing the "big boys" are getting from all of this is a good laugh at folks who decide this is going to be a make or break for them. Fear is not worthy of your time. Stop worrying and run your business. Let WISPA take the heat of making CALEA something you can dodge with ease. That is our job. If CALEA takes more than $250 bucks out of your pocket and 2 hours away from your business then I will feel I have not done a very good job. I could be wrong but you know what? I am not going to worry about it. :-)

Rick Smith wrote:

Was it "being alarmist" to shout "the redcoats are coming!" ?

I understand no one knows the format of the data yet. But the truth is that CALEA is an attempt to put the trigger there, get us to go broke funding it, and let "them" pull it any time they want...

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Uhmm, Butch... No, they're not "asking for a means". They're insisting that we build the tap into our network, at our expense, prior to a request ( whether we got any requests or not ), to provide them data in a specific form.

And what form is that data going to take? You don't know. You are being alarmist, in that you are getting bent out of shape over something you don't even KNOW. THAT is what I said.

The FACT is that the government MUST have a means to gathering information for criminal prosecutions. Even you can't deny that. That means (when it comes to Internet traffic) MUST happen at the ISP level. WHY? Because MANY ISPs HIDE THEIR CUSTOMERS. It happens behind every ISP who decides that NAT is "necessary". Sorry, but that is one thing that makes it necessary for them to gather data on YOUR network. They HAVE to be able to gather data on a specific suspect.

THAT is precisely what I said, nothing more, and nothing less.

REALLY? Maybe when I read these words from YOUR email address, it was a government conspiracy that sent them to point the finger at you. Here are SOME of the things you said:

I said that not resisting regulation would kill us.

The process has begun. We marched in to be fleeced, smiling and bleating

Been nice knowing you folks.

and here
the federal govenrment has just taken wholesale control of the ISP

and here
You can bet that any "industry" standard derived will derived with the input from the telecoms to bankrupt as many small ISP's as possible.

I predict that in 2 years there will not be enough WISP's left to fund WISPA at all, unless the dues go up on the order 20 to 50 times.

and here
we need to work at launching the largest "industry and public" backlash ever, to end this sort of stuff...

Perhaps I'm the only one reading "alarmist" into your words...

Up to this point, the LEA's had to pony up the means of tapping and grabbing the data they wanted. Which, in my view, is fair and equitable. Why should we all pay for and design a network around some system few will ever use?

Read the documentation again...I'm not here to educate you, but the fact is that your network is NOT going to have to be "designed around" anything.

CALEA was NOT written for ISP's or VOIP. The FCC and DOJ have broadened its meaning all on their own.

No, it wasn't written for that purpose. But, the world is not the same as it was when the CALEA laws were penned. Times change and so do the laws. My only suggestion is to do 2 things:

1. Like it or not, the law is the law, and you MUST follow it. If you decide to break the law, I hope you are caught and punished.

2. Don't ASSUME (you know about that word, right?) that every law is a government conspiracy to put you out of business. wouldn't hurt if you'd take your meds...

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