Me as well, if you didn't imply that from the private email this morning.

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Get me in there!.

Include me in WISPA 445 Filing

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"Include me in WISPA 445 Filing"

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If you are a paid WISPA Principal Member then you do not have to worry about filing your CALEA Form 445. Kris Twomey is handling it for all paid WISPA Principal Members who want it done for them. They are allowing later filing now. Kris will be filing on behalf of all paid WISPA Principal Members. All you have to do is reply to the email and say, "Include me in WISPA 445 Filing" and include your official, legal company name. That's it. Your filing will be complete.This is being done as a benefit of WISPA membership at NO CHARGE TO YOU. To take advantage of this offer you MUST respond within 24 hours, by no later than 3 pm Central time on Tuesday, Feb 13th. If you are not already a paid WISPA member then this is not available to you unless you get us $250 before noon tomorrow Central time and fill out the form at
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