Yes, it was torture and still is!

Oh, and to those of still using Karlnet/TurboCell, that company is Karlnet/YDI/Terrorbeam/Proxim/or "Whatever they call themselves this week!"

And, BTW Terrorbeam bought Proxim......

Rick Harnish wrote:
Ahh and you forgot about Doug Karl's Karlnet, based on a
Lucent/Orinoco/Agere platform.  Sold to YDI, then Terabeam then was
essentially EOL'd when Proxim bought Terabeam.  It seems like all those
transactions transpired in about 18 months. Talk about torture for Karlnet

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Well, for sure this industry never stands still does it Steve? As one
fond of change, that one of the things I most enjoy. I knew from people
there that V-com has become Vecima (much better 'new millienium' type
name), but I did not know they absorbed Wave/Waverider. Did Charles
(Brown) join Vecima too?

Years ago when the Cirronet folks were creating their company out of
their successful industrial wireless space, I sat down with of the
principals. They really thought they had the secret sauce. I was very
cautionary, trying to impart how challenging the market was/(is!). They
had a hard and not especially gratifying few years.

I forgot about Arraycom sold off iBurst. Sigh. It made me "remember how
much I have forgotten" about lost companies in this business. Remember
ioSpan? How about Beamreach? Remember they even had a successful Verizon
trial fours years ago.

And then how about all the companies bought, collapsed into and morphed
over the years? Someday we should build a full "BWIA family tree" of
sorts. Fun examples (I might be a little off [is that Fruedian?]) just
from perhaps the 4 original wireless LAN pioneers:

Glenair spun off Western Multiplex>WMUX buys the original WLAN pioneer
Proxim and keeps Proxim name> Proxim buys Farallon and Proxim buys
Agere>Proxim sold in bankruptcy to YDI who had recently "bought"
Terabeam>YDI/Terabeam dba Proxim

And within that story is Agere: Lannet spins off>LANair pieces become
part of Lucent's original pioneering WLAN group>Lucent spins out Agere
which comes out with Orinoco which ends up at Proxim...

And fewer would know the others with ties from LANair formed original
WLAN pioneer BreezeCOM, which later merged with Floware to became
Alvarion in 2001...

How many remember that Telxon created original WLAN pioneer Aironet
which was bought by Cisco.

And all that is one tiny fraction of all that has taken place and does
not even cover the rise of the UL BWA application itself where we were
also a principal pioneer on the product side (but we were only smartly
following the lead of the original WISPs, most who were using our gear
that pre-dated DSSS) as the others stayed in WLAN.

I wonder what the next 12 years will bring?

Patrick Leary
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Thanks for the inputs.

FreeWave and MDS were added from a previous reply.

Lightpointe typo corrected.

Wave Wireless / Waverider was sold to Vecima Networks.

ZTE added.

Huawei added.

Almost couldn't find any references to Acton; it's actually Accton, now added.

Added AWB.

Cirronet still lists their Broadband Wireless gear.

As far as I can tell, Qualcomm doesn't actually make gear - the only thing they manufacture is chipsets and lawsuits.

Arraycomm is also out of the equipment business - only intellectual property and IntelliCell. iBurst was spun off to Kyocera.

Good point on Terabeam; it was deleted and Proxim added.



On Feb 15, 2007, at Feb 15  07:17 PM, Patrick Leary wrote:

Steve, here are a few off my head that are not there...Freewave, MDS,
Lightpointe is with an "e" on the end, Wave Wireless (formerly
Waverider, etc.), ZTE (ZiMAX), Huwaie, Acton Wireless Broadband (AWB),
is Cirronet still around?, Qualcomm (with their MediaFLO), Arraycom,
Terabeam actually dba's as Proxim.

P.S. - thanks for only including legal vendors

Patrick Leary
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