If we want WISPA to be the IEEE of the world, then all this FCC (US) stuff must be taken off the general list.

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Patrick Leary wrote:
Sam, you are right. During this whole thread I have been reflexive about
assuming U.S. and I did assume you discussing it from a U.S. standpoint.
I was wrong to assume that and I apologize.

To all non-U.S. (well, this really does include Canada since the domains
share so much in common from a UL standpoint), this must indeed be mind
What would be VERY interesting would be for the non-North American WISPs
to tell us their opinions about compliance relative to their regions. I
have assumptions there too, but MUCH less knowledge and experience so
the better part of valor is shut up and listen.

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being"sticker conscious" or not??

You know Patrick, I for the most part have respect for you and your opinion, but when it comes to this issue you are so blinded by it you don't even stop to think about your reply.

I stated it that way because I have absolutely no idea if rabbtux rabbtux is in the US or not. It is a gmail account so it could be anywhere world wide.

They stated that they were looking for something that would work with an

MT/SR5 combination so I replied that if the sticker is not important (which it probably isn't since they are use an MT/SR5 as the AP) they could use a RB112 and CM9 with good result.

I added on the fact that Tranzeo makes eqiupment that will meet their specifications and is FCC approved so that they (and others) know that there is certified equipment that meet their criteria.

I will echo Mark's (?) comment from somewhere in the fact that in the certified realm there isn't much that comes close to the flexibility and

power of either StarOS or MT. The problem with the "Premium CPE" is that

it attaches to a Premium PROPRIETARY AP. The power of StarOS and MT is in the fact that the user is not stuck buying everything from a single manufacturer. If PCEngines EOLs a model of wrap board there is always gateworks or MT. If StarOS adds a new advanced routing protocol MT users

can switch with only the change of an AP and gain the full advantage and

in some cases they doesn't even have to change AP hardware. If Smartbridges equipment goes to crap you can change to Senao, if Senao EOLs a CPE you can switch to Tranzeo.

In the "Premium" world if Trango decides to EOL a line of equipment or manufacturing quality tanks you are stuck with:
1. buy refurb/used equipment
2. hang dual APs to handle new growth
3. swap equipment around in your network so that vendor/product A is on the east side of your coverage area...
4. Replace CPEs with new line of product

There is a LOT more to the certified debate than the fact that Motorola,

Trango and Alvarion have finally gotten CPE price down to $200.

Sam Tetherow
Sandhills Wireless

Patrick Leary wrote:
"Sticker conscious?" So this is what we've become as an industry?
Following the very clear laws, which were once again just reiterated
us after another in a long chain of WISP visits, or not has now been
reduced to simply being "sticker conscious" or "not sticker
Why not go further and call yourself "Illegal and proud" or just "I
don't give a ____"? Let's not have any more "gee, I can't afford to be
legal!" That's not an argument that is credible today, with the range
from legal cheap to premium CPE running from about $170 to sub-$300 --
that's cheap.
My God, 5.4 is going to be a massive mess. OET will have to install a
special phone line just to handle the incoming DoD complaint calls.

Patrick Leary
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RB112+CM9+Rootenna if you are not sticker conscious.
If you are sticker conscious I use the Tranzeo TR5a-24/20 with MT/CM9 setups and they work great.

    Sam Tetherow
    Sandhills Wireless

rabbtux rabbtux wrote:
Not to stir the "fcc sticker" debate, but what gear is out there
that is compatable with a MT/SR5 access point?   Looking for lower
cost CPEs for 1-5 mile deployments.

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