I'm surprised no one has complained about their use of Microsoft Excel. Form 477 does not work with OpenOffice. They sent me a PDF to fill out instead.


Forbes Mercy wrote:
Oh god here we go again with a ton of emails saying we are breaking the law.  I 
have never signed mine and the FCC has gladly accepted past filings.  I think 
the FCC would rather just have something filed and since they are all lawyers 
do seek more then some are willing to give but with a precedence of accepting 
just the report and not one filed letter stating otherwise lets not make this 
another technicality argument.  We are doing what 75% of our industry aren't - 
we file our report, end of argument until they get uptight and make a point of 
enforcing it.

Forbes Mercy
Washington Broadband, Inc.

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Marlon K. Schafer wrote:
I've never signed mine.  Just emailed it.

Technically, then, it's not considered "filed." You have to either mail
or fax the "Certification Statement" (i.e. page 14 of the instructions),
in addition to either emailing or snail-mailing a floppy or CD with the

David Smith

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