Sigh. This thread and sparring going at the isp-wireless list on a
similar thread shows just how difficult it can be for small WISPs to
agree on any one issue, much less all UL wireless broadband providers
across all provider segments. Even the personally-funded best of
intentions (e.g. Marlon's nine years of efforts), bring rants and rages.
Now imagine the no-win situation the FCC faces in trying to keep WISPs
even moderately contented.

As I say, it's like herding cats during a lightning storm.

But I do so love this business -- never a dull moment!

Patrick Leary

P.S. - Marlon, think of your seatbelt as something you wear for your
kids. Driving is probably statistically the most dangerous thing you
do..., well, aside from climbing a tower, but you wear a harness there

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First, the mission statement for WISPA, just so's we're all on the same
about motivations:
Wireless Internet Service Providers Association is dedicated to
and improving the WISP industry.

Second, if you don't like it, join us in our efforts at the regulatory 
level.  Sitting out there whining and tossing FUD around does nothing
waste our time and keep you from doing installations so that you can get

more than $100 in the bank.

Third, WE don't REALLY know EXACTLY what WE have to do.  That's part of
the FBI meeting is about.  It's not about kowtowing to the FBI, DOJ, FCC

etc.  It's about making sure that WE can tell YOU what is going to keep
tit out of the ringer with those people.  It's also about working with
to make sure that they don't expect things that are unreasonable or pass
regs that have no regard for the realities of our industry niche.

Fourth, certainly I know I'm not speaking for all WISPs.  I'm speaking
WISPA.  YOU get to choose whether or not you wish to agree.  You can
file a statement saying you don't agree and why.  The FCC loves to hear
us.  Last I knew the IEEE never asked for my opinion on a standard they
in place, but I use them all day every day anyhow.

Fifth, if we come up with a standard that you don't like, don't use it. 
Duh.  There is no requirement, no way to make a requirement, nor should 
there be, for WISPA to force you to follow us.  Feel free to follow any 
organization, start a new one, whatever.

Sixth, don't be an ass.  We're putting in our own time  and usually our
money to help make this entire industry better.  I don't care to be
for the privilege of taking away from my customers and my family.

Seventh, I don't disagree with that you've said.  I also think that the 
seatbelt laws are so much BS.  But I've paid enough tickets for not
one that I have given in and wear mine now.  In the mean time, one of
days I'm gonna run for Congress and I'll work to restore individual
and responsibility.  Till then I'll do the best I can to vote for people

that respect my ability to lead my own life and my own choices.  I'll
follow their dumb a$$ed rules so that I don't go broke paying tickets or
up in jail over it.

Eighth, some of the things that you say people don't have to do, the
constantly say that we do.  Sorry, but I'm gonna put my weight on their 
interpretations of the rules than yours.

Take care,
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42846865 (icq)                                    And I run my own wisp!

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> On Wed, 7 Mar 2007 10:35:29 -0800, Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181
>> Hi All,
>> We have a meeting set up for the 22nd in Va.  I have 4 people set
>> to go to it at this time but I'd like a 5th.  I'm after a network
>> admin type.  Anyone have the time and recourses available?  Or if
>> I missed your offer earlier, please let me know.
>> I have to get info to the FBI ASAP so if you can send a network
>> admin to this meeting (and possibly join our calea standards
>> committee) please let me know.
>> WISPA member companies will have first crack at this, but I'll
>> others as well.
> While you're there... or, perhaps on your way there, please consider
> fact
> that you and whoever is meeting there are deciding how every other
> will
> structure his network and what they will be forced to spend or do.
> will...or will not... set a standard, and then the FCC and FBI
> will
> not...accept it, and everyone who has filed that they will be
> persuant standards discussions will be obligated to do what is laid
out in
> the end.  You're a pretty bright guy, Marlon, and I suspect it won't
> very long to see what direction this will head.  You will be playing
> the
> fates of a lot of people who did not choose this in ANY way.
> I haven't filed, because I cannot say I can or cannot comply.
However, if
> this costs more than $100 to implement (that's all I have in the bank
> this
> moment), I will simply file stating I cannot and will not comply,
> If the FCC then desires to shut me down then, They will have to do so
> forcibly. I will simply write a letter to all my customers, local 
> newspapers,
> and state simply that the FCC has decided to take over all internet
> communications in a few months, and that there's no room left for
> operations, and reccommend that they direct all questions to the FCC
> why thier internet service will be no more.  I will cause them more
> and
> bury their office in irate phone calls and letters than they can
> handle.   I know several sites where I can reach millions who WILL be
> activists, if we're not going to act.  I'm absolutely positive they
> NEVER even considered the notion (and probably do not care in the 
> slightest)
> that what they do could devastate people's individual lives or
> Nor
> do I think they care at all about anything but their own convenience
> political futures.  I doubt a single person involved on the
> end
> considers that since they decided to take on and regulate an industry 
> which
> is probably populated with the highest percentage of small operators
(1 to 
> 5
> people) of any industry they've ever even dreamed of regulating, what
> do
> is PERSONAL to thousands of people, and directly will impact the lives
> hundreds of thousands of other individuals.  Living in the isolated
> unreal world of Washington DC does that to people.
> I suggest you pass this on to the FCC and FBI, along with my
> that
> at least 20% of all small operators will do exactly the same. I am
> TIRED of being fed to the wolves without the slightest resistance.
> of
> all people, should know what it means to be a small, one or two man 
> operation
> living out in the hinterland, where the rubber meets the road.  There
> be
> small and casual networks, small community and free networks, small
> efforts by a few people to get for themselves what they have a right
> get.
> All possibly being wiped out by careless and overreaching federal 
> agencies.
> Who's gonna stick up for them?  WISPA's just bleating and going along
> blind sheep.
> I STILL cannot believe we're walking into this without a single
> objection from WISPA or the other organizations supposedly on "our"
> I
> guess I should not be surprised.  Expedience has become the religion
> our
> times.  Like rolling over and playing dead is going to earn us brownie

> points
> and favors later?  Don't count on it.
> Will I help law enforcement track down and prosecute people who are 
> breaking
> the law or otherwise a threat?  No question at all, of COURSE I WILL.
> will
> NOT pre-tap thier connection in any way that compromises my security
> their
> security, costs me significantly, or is in my view, unconstitutional 
> (which
> is pretty much anyting done ahead of time).  That, as a citizen, is my

> duty.
> If that costs me my future and business, it's a small price to pay for

> what
> people have given their lives before me to preserve.  If I can
> that
> for a few people for while... I WILL DO IT.
> Damn, people, STAND UP FOR ONCE.
> mark at neofast dot net
> neofast, Inc, wireless internet for the Walla Walla Valley and Blue
> Mountains
> 541-969-8200
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