Yep, that is where I want head.  Where do you get your cables?

Mario Pommier wrote:
Smart move!!!
When at all possible, we do that: active elements inside, inactive antenna outside. Design your grounding properly (NOT A MINOR ACHIEVEMENT!!!) and you're set: EVERYTHING goes to 1 common ground, coax lightning kits (outdoors) and in line lightning arrestors (indoors) go to different grounding blocks.
   Have a problem, check out the radio indoors.
We even do this with outdoor-rated radios, specially for backhaul AccessUnits and RemoteBridges. Cell companies do it this way because it's less prone to issues and they have the money to pay for it. In this case, the cost is worth it if you ask me. On WaterTanks we've set up an outdoor, temp controlled weatherproof box (engineered in house with DC-powered fans and battery backup at the base) to house the outdoor units. I should send you pictures.


Scott Reed wrote:
Who supplies pre-terminated (N connectors) cables in the 70 to 150' range using LMR 600, LMR900 and/or Heliax? Looking to move radios to the bottom of towers.

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