There are a lot of places that sell it... I buy it from Electrocomm in the large rolls. I think it's 1/2" wide by 12ft long for $7 each... we use about 6 inches per seal... so that's 24 seals for roughly $.30 each.

Here is the actual website:

They have a list of distributors, etc. on that page.


Mario Pommier wrote:
Where do you get it?


Blair Davis wrote:
Same here.  Coax Seal is GREAT!!!!!!!

Travis Johnson wrote:
We started using Coax-Seal about two years ago and have never had a problem since. It's moldable so you wrap the connector and then form it around the connections. Quick, easy and cheap. Even on mountaintops at 9000ft elevation with 60mph winds and freezing rain/ice we have never had a problem.


John Scrivner wrote:
I would like a bit of feedback from those of you who have been installing outdoor antennas for a while. I have a problem that I would like to see fixed. It seems that after every long rain we see problems with the occasional connection outside at the antenna getting water into it. We use the Scotch seal mastic tape to seal the connections. The guys do not like having to climb and they work hard to try to make sure we do not get these problems and yet they come back. I would like to hear what you veterans out there are doing to make sure the water stays out.

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