On Tue, 27 Mar 2007 14:07:51 -0400, Adam Greene wrote
> Hi,
> While I appreciate Mark's comments and point of view, I for one 
> would like to also start looking for ways to possibly comply with 
> CALEA in a cost-effective way. I'm afraid that if the conversation 
> here is limited to whether we should comply or not, we might lose 
> the opportunity to share with each other about technical implementation.

EVen if tomorrow, CALEA vanished, it is true that we need the capabilities of 
doing this.  Thanks for pointing that out.  

The problem lies in that the CALEA technical discussion revolves around 
unknown technical requirements / capabilities.   We can only discuss it in 
sort of a "theoretical" concept.  

At the moment, my abilities are ... well, they don't exist.  Nothing in the 
software / hardware on my network, AT ANY POINT can be modified to do this. 

I would have to go to my upstream and ask them to mirror or log or otherwise 
catch the traffic, since that is the only present single point ot exist where 
all traffic in / out of my network passes.  And that won't be for long, as 
I'll soon have multiple providers and dynamic routing.  I can't even do 
policy based routing at the moment to force all the traffic from one client 
to anywhere.  

However, none of this really matters.  We don't know what the demands are 
technically.  The theoretical requirements are that we intercept at the CPE.  
Who the bloody heck has CPE that can do that?  Few WISP's do.  The vast 
majority do not.  

Further, if CALEA requirements apply to WISP's, then CALEA requirements apply 
to WISP equipment providers, just like they do to  telco equipment providers.

Another can of worms, entirely.  

> Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that the conversation about 
> whether to comply should be halted, just that some room be given to 
> those of us who also want to speak about implementation.

To add to that, I welcome the conversation about not "compliance", since 
that's a very specific and detailed demand, but simply about how to assist 
LEA's in catching bad guys.  That's something a good lot of us will 
eventually end up doing.  I just don't believe it is proper or right for me 
to be an unpaid lackey who is forced to do whatever they want out of my own 

> I'm still interested if anyone has any point of view about any of 
> the compliance methods that I discussed in my original post, from a 
> technical standpoint.
> Thanks,
> Adam
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